St. Joseph Catholic School - Fayetteville, AR

Mrs. Porta's Technology Classes

Grade level: Multiple 3-5 grade

Fayetteville, AR


Date you joined: January 10, 2014

What happened with your weather in the past week or so?

We have had unusual weather for Arkansas the past month. We were out of school five days in December due to snow and ice. We were also out of school three days this week due to cold and snow.

Today, January 10, it is supposed to be 50 degrees. Monday it was -3 degrees!

Fifth grade students will be tracking the weather of the cities listed in the book for middle February - March.
Fourth grade students will track weather for the past four years in Fayetteville for March.
Third grade students will track weather in Fayetteville during March.
We will make predictions about what we think the weather will be like On the Same Day in March.