On the Same Day in March....Join other classrooms to explore weather around the world.
Create your own wiki page to share the weather events in your area.
Chart the temperature and precipitation periodically throughout the month of March and share with other classrooms.
Join us on the Twitter feed. Search for: #dayinmarch and join the conversation. Let's try to say our state in our feeds to remind each other where we are from.

All you need to do to join this project is...
1) Have a wikispaces account. Go to to set up your account. Educational accounts are free.
2) Click on "Join" in the upper right corner of this page. I will then receive notification of your request and can approve it OR you can send me an email at: cgrossrhode@gmail.comand I will email you an invitation to join.
3) Create your class wiki page on this wiki (see instructions at the bottom of the page) and share weather events and other things about your class, your school, your community.

Decide how you want to contribute to this project. You can one or all of the following:
a) Read Marilyn Singer's book "On the Same Day in March" to learn about how different the weather is in places around the world.
b) Chart the weather (temp and precipitation) on March 1 and 31. (If you don't have school on those days, record your data on the first day you are back in session.)
c) Chart the weather on the first day of Spring on Thursday, March 20.

In like a lion. Out like a lamb
We are all familiar with this saying describing March. Let's see if that actually happens in each of our communities. We will use the page In like a lion... (see link near the links to other pages) to track the temperature and weather for both days.
Create your own page in this wiki:
Shortly after joining the project you will want to create a page for your classroom. This will help classrooms to get to know each other before the "day in March." See the notes at the bottom of this page "To begin your page" and "Formatting Guide for Teachers" instructions.

If you have joined this project, would you please email me at: so I can get your emails. I want to set everyone up as collaborators for the map and need email addresses. I will also send a listing of email addresses and grade levels to all participants as we get closer to March.

Check out 'Other Resources' link. This has a few links on web sites and iPad apps that can be used to help with the project. Feel free to add more ideas to the Resources page.

To begin your page:
1) Once you join the wiki, open "Sample Page.
2) Copy the text on Sample Page.
3) Click on New Page link in sidebar and create a wiki page using the name of your city, state and country.
4) Paste the copied text and use that as a format to create a wiki page for telling us about your territory.
5) Eventually we will add what happened on the day in March. (The date is yet to be chosen. We are waiting on suggestions from members)

*Read the Formatting Guide for Teachers page for information about formatting text and placing graphics on your page. I'm open to suggestions on how to improve this layout, so email me ideas.*

Zoom out to see where everyone is from. Use the marker to show us where you are from.

Email if you have any questions.